Physical File

General Notes

  • Items Easy to Forget
    • OSHA-167 I
    • OSHA-1-MOD (if applicable)
    • Appendix coversheets
    • Table of Contents for appendices
    • Rough Work Notes appendix sheet
  • Timestamp KY-OSH-1 page Case File Routing Slip in designated area and submit case file in Admin's inbox.

Medical Records

Case File Inclusion

  • If medical records are to be included in the case file, make a copy of the records.  Put the originals in a manila folder with the following information on the tab, submitting it to your supervisor to be securely filed:
    • Employer name
    • Federal inspection no.
    • Optional report no.
    • Employee name(s), if desired
  • The following data should be blacked-/whited-out on all records included in the case file:
    • Social Security No.
    • Birthdate
    • Other identity-compromising data (examples below)
  • Only pages of medical records with necessary information related to proving a violation should be included in the case file.  Any included pages that also include irrelevant information should have that irrelevant information blacked out.
  • Ultimately, all medical records can remain in KYOSH’s medical records cabinet in the equipment storage room so that access remains completely restricted.  The location of medical records can be referenced from within the report itself or from an appendix page specifically for medical records.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

As described in the DOL Security Training:

Protected PII

  • PII whose disclosure could result in harm to the individual whose name or identity is linked to that information. Examples include, but are not limited to, SSN; credit card number; bank account number; residential address; residential or personal telephone; biometric identifier (image, fingerprint, iris, etc.); date of birth; place of birth; mother’s maiden name; criminal records; medical records; and financial records.

Non-Sensitive PII

  • PII whose disclosure cannot reasonably be expected to result in personal harm. Examples include first/last name; e-mail address; business address; business telephone; and general education credentials that are not linked to or associated with any protected PII.


Any additional items to be submitted with the case file need to be attached as an appendix.

Structure of the Appendix Section

  • Appendix Table of Contents
  • Appendices Coversheet, with this info in a similar — not necessarily the same — arrangement:
[Company Name]
[Report #]
[Fed Inspection #]
Appendix [#]
[Appendix Name]
  • With each cover sheet having a flag attached with the appendix number written on it.

Imaging System

  • All finalized reports are imaged and placed at http://labfnetws/imaging/.
  • In the drop-down box on the right, select “Search By Identifier.”
  • Enter the Federal Inspection # into the "Identifier" field and press Retrieve.


  • Clicking the <figure-inline>Imaging preferences.png</figure-inline> icon will allow you to set preferences; including
    • Default Search: We use "Search by Identifier." Have this automatically selected each time you come to the Imaging page.
    • Default Zoom: when opening a file section.
  • Saving an entire report as PDF
    • You have the option to print the imaged reports after it's opened.  Do not try to select a section with a checkbox and try to print on the listing page.
    • This will allow you to use a Print-to-PDF printer that will print the section to PDF--either the entire section or a range of pages.
    • There are ways to join the different PDF sections into a single PDF, to have the entire report in one file….  This ability is not built into the imaging software, however.