Meal Period

Each employee must take a full lunch break (30 min or 1 hour) no sooner than 3 hours or later than 5 hours from the time the work day begins.

Rest Breaks

Employees must take one fifteen minute rest period during each three and three-quarter (3.75) hours worked.

Working Time


  • Comp earned during a split week is held until the next pay period — when the remainder of the split week is finished.
  • Split week: when the end of the pay period falls in the middle of the week instead of a Fri/Sat/Sun.

Compressed Work Schedule → Canceled 2/22/2016 by Secretary Ramsey

With a Compressed Work Week, where KRONOS is going into KHRIS, put in your hours in relation to what hours you're scheduled to work that day.

  • Previously, time was entered based on 7.5 hours, 5 days per week. The "flex" day would be 7.5 of COMP and the days worked over 7.5 hours would be Extra Hours.
  • Now, if you're scheduled to work 10 hours on a Monday, for example, you would put 10 hours of Hours Worked; and enter nothing for Friday, for example, if that was your day off.
  • The comments that KRONOS currently has for compressed work week are, therefore, never used.