Order of Contents

The items listed below are only relevant to the time at which CSHO submits the case file to the admin.


  • KY-OSH-1 page from Appendix Generator Wordperfect report (Now defunct)
    • Make sure to time-stamp this on case file submission.
    • Certain types of inspections require a notice to be placed on this cover sheet, such as Fatality, Imminent Danger, Hospitalization, etc.
    • Per Mike Hutcherson, “put a Post-It note on the OSH-1 when you turn it in for all Imminent Danger inspections.” (Is this still in effect?)
    • Trade Secrets: When trade secrets are part of the case file, place the following phrases on the KY-OSH-1 page with a brief summary below the phrases of what is trade secret in the case file: “ADMINISTRATIVELY CONTROLLED INFORMATION” “RESTRICTED TRADE INFORMATION” [Several photos and several documents are considered trade secret]
  • Case Diary
  • Sec of State printouts
  • OSHA.gov Establishment Search Results
    • This is only mandatory if your supervisor requests it.
    • Otherwise, it is your choice on whether to include it.
  • OSHA-7 or OSHA-90
    • Note any communication with complainant for OSHA-7’s.
    • On an OSHA-90, if there's no need for a letter to be sent to the referrer, state on the referral itself, "SAFETY REFERRAL" or "MEDIA REFERRAL," etc. (Per Hutcherson's email 10/2/13)
  • OSH 36 & 170—Accident
  • OSHA-300 I
    • This is normally no longer completed in paper form due to the fact that all OSHA-300 data is to be put into OSHA Express.
    • It is only mandatory if your supervisor requires it.


  • ONLY warrants we obtain should be placed in here.


  • Complainant Letters (Formal)
  • Next of Kin Letter (Formal)
  • Blank Notification of Abatement
  • Green Card / Receipt
  • Citations
  • Complainant Letters (Draft)
  • Next of Kin Letter (CSHO Draft)
  • Next of Kin Letter (CSHO sends to family at onset of inspection)
  • Table of Contents


  • Narrative
  • CSHO Observations
  • Employees Contacted
  • Closing Conference Checklist


  • 1Bs
  • Sampling Sheets


  • Investigation Summary (?)
  • Related Contractor ID Forms Moved to OSH-1 section per Mike H. email 8/24/2016
  • OSHA-167 I: Inspection Update
  • OSHA-168: Inspection Assignment
  • Dodge Report


  • Appendices (Programs/Documentation)
  • Create an Appendices table of contents to place in front of the appendices.
  • Make first appendix the plant/facility layout, per Mike H.
  • Group M/SDS and HazCom together into one appendix.
  • Work Notes should typically be the last appendix.