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Per memo from former Compliance Director Tony Long on 5/21/2002:

It is essential for the Kentucky Labor Cabinet to establish a consistent method of entering company names and addresses in all databases. This is necessary to ensure we can find previous inspection activity with employers for scheduling or for review of previous citations to document failure to abate violations and repeat violations. To effectuate this uniformity, the CSHO is responsible for obtaining the legal name and correct address of the company being inspected and entering it correctly on the OSH-1 form as outlined in this directive.  All Frankfort office staff will also follow the following guidelines for entering names and addresses when information is entered into any database.

In recognizing that there will be situations that do not follow the rules outlined below it is essential for these exceptions to be brought to the supervisors and program managers attention so rules conveying how these situations will be handled can be incorporated. It is only in this way that we will ever have a database that will be searchable. Currently efforts are underway to obtain a unique identifying number for each employer and establishment location.  This will enhance our ability to research inspection activity for a specific employer and at specific inspection sites.

The following rules were established from that same memo.

General Rules to follow

  1. All letters in establishment names and addresses will be capitalized with the exception of dba.
  2. When hyphens are used they shall be preceded and followed by a single space.
  3. When abbreviations, punctuation, or numbers are used in the name or address no spaces will be between letters, punctuation, or numbers unless starting a new word.
  4. Municipal boards of education shall be abbreviated as BOE.
  5. Municipal public school districts shall be abbreviated as PSD.
  6. Obtain both the correct site address and the mailing address for the company.
  7. All names of corporations registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State will be abbreviated, punctuated and spaced exactly as found on the Secretary of State Web Page. A copy of the web page showing the company name shall be included with the OSH-1 when submitted.
  8. If there are multiple locations in the State for a Company, look to see if it has been inspected before and use the specific location to the name which has previously been added to the Secretary of State Name. Remember we are trying to promote consistency in the name of inspected entities. If this is the first time a specific location has been added since issuance of this directive please work with your supervisor and any guidance which follows in this directive.
  9. If the company is a sole ownership then obtain a business card or letterhead from the company, spell, abbreviate, punctuate, and space the name exactly as shown on the document. The document(s) showing the correct company name shall be included with the OSH- when submitted.
  10. If there is an entry in the Assumed Name of section of the Secretary of State registration, that is the name that shall come first on the OSH-1 for in. The Company Name shall be the dba and both the names shall be in uppercase letters but the dba shall be in lowercase.
  11. Entering the names of cities and their facilities: shall begin with CITY OF and then the name of the city, followed by BOE or PSD if warranted. The name of the facility being inspected shall be entered following the name of the city separated by a hyphen.
  12. Entering the names of counties and their facilities: shall begin with COUNTY NAME and then the word COUNTY, followed by BOE or PSD if warranted. The name of the facility being inspected shall be entered following the name of the city separated by a hyphen.
  13. Entering merged governments and their facilities: begin with the city, space, hyphen, space, and followed by the county and the abbreviation of U C G for Urban County Government, followed by BOE or PSD if warranted. The name of the facility being inspected shall be entered following the name of the merged government separated by a hyphen.
  14. Entering names of State Cabinets and their facilities: KY will be followed by a space then the abbreviation for the cabinet, space and the abbreviation CAB, then a hyphen followed by the abbreviation for the Department, then a hyphen and the division or entity you are inspecting. Use the abbreviations listed on the following site http://phone. State.ky.us/KTD CablepAbbrev.asp [This site no longer exists at this URL. -Ed.] for the Cabinet name and Department name.
  15. Entering names of Universities and their facilities: University names will always be abbreviated with the exception of Murray State University and Morehead State University for obvious reasons. The abbreviation will be followed by a hyphen and the name of the operating facility or building being inspected.

A scan of the entire memo, including detailed examples, is available here.

Private Sector

  • If a retail store has multiple locations, place store number with name. 
    • E.g., WALMART INC – STORE 1234 

State Agency Naming 

State agency naming is addressed in the 2002 memo above. The following is additional guidance.

Per email from Hutcherson (3/26/13): 

Always put KY in [front] of the Cabinet name like ours KY LAB-OSH Compliance, schools can be done the same way. Public School District PSD a Board of Education BOE example: FRANKLIN CO BOE-FRANKLIN CO HIGH SCHOOL