"Order of Magnitude" 

Citations are listed and arranged in a report with the following hierarchy:

  1. Failure to Abate 
  2. Willful Serious 
  3. Willful Other Than Serious 
  4. Repeat Serious 
  5. Repeat Other Than Serious 
  6. Serious 
  7. Other Than Serious 


Failure to Abate 

  • Citations for unabated violations are always listed first. 
  • However, they retain the same numbering from the inspection under which they were cited. 

All other citations 

  • Violations within the same "order of magnitude" are all cited under the same citation number. 
  • Violations of the same citation number are cited as Items of that citation number. 
  • If any citations are to be grouped, those related citations are grouped under a single Item number, designated by the Item number followed by a lower case letter in alphabetical order. 
  • All Instances of a particular violation 


All serious