Sampling Equipment

KYOSH Equipment Information Grid

Manufacturer Name Model No. Calibration Period Type Accessories Power
3M The Edge Eg5 1 year Noise Dosimeter 5-Unit Docking Station Li-Ion (proprietary)
Alnor Velometer, Jr. Type 8100 ? Gauge N/A
Ashcroft Air Gauge Q-8962 (?) ? Gauge N/A
Bios Int'l Corp Defender 510 Defender 510-M 1 year Air Flow Calibrator Lead acid (proprietary)
Dräger CMS-Analyzer CMS 1 year (Chips have 2-yr shelf life) Air Analyzer The individual chips available can be found here. Alkaline

AA x 4

Leica DISTO Classic^5 a ? Physical Dimensions Measurement Alkaline

AA x 2

Quest QC-10 Calibrator QC-10 1 year Noise Calibrator 114dB - 1000Hz Alkaline

9V x 1

Quest NoisePro NoisePro DLX 1 year Noise Dosimeter AA x 2
Quest Sound Level Meter 2100 1 year Sound Level Meter Alkaline or NiCd

*Do not use NiMH*

9V x 1

*NiCd provides shorter operating time than alkaline*

RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro PGM-1860 1 year (?) Gas Monitor (CO or NO₂, depending on sensor equipped) Charger Station PGM-1800 Li-Ion (proprietary)
SKC AirChek XR5000 210-5000 2 years Air Pump Li-Ion (proprietary)
SKC AirChek 2000 210-2002 2 years Air Pump Ni-Cd or NiMH (proprietary)

Retired Equipment

Manufacturer Name Model No. Calibration Period Type Accessories Power
Quest SafeLog 100 1 year Gas Monitor Alkaline

9V x 1

@6.5V 8hrs remain

Battery Type Characteristics

Lead Acid Batteries

  • Just like the battery in an automobile, lead acid batteries work best when kept fully charged.
  • Do not like to be completely discharged.

Lithium-Powered Equipment

  • Best if never discharged completely.
  • Best stored at half-charge if long-term.

Nickel Metal-Hydride Equipment

  • Memory effect if not completely discharged periodically.
  • Lose charge relatively quickly during storage.
  • Needs to be kept on charge always (because of second point) except for periodic cycling (because of first point).

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