Setting Up Pidgin

This is a little guide to walk you through setting up Pidgin for KYOSHchat.  Pidgin is an instant messenger client.  This custom version will allow you to connect to a chat server setup just for KYOSH.


You must be connected to the office network (either in-office or through VPN) when creating your account.


1.      Click here to download the setup file.

o   You can choose to either “Open,” “Save,” or “Save as” the file.

o   It doesn't matter where you choose to download this file.  Just remember where you did.

o   If you chose to download it and can’t remember where, look in your Downloads folder.

2.      Once it's downloaded, open the file, if it doesn’t start automatically.

o   You can usually either run it from the browser window or go to the folder where you downloaded it and double-click on it there.  This will open the ZIP file.  Double-click again to run the setup.

3.      When you run it, you'll get a screen that looks like this:

Just click “Next”

4.      On the next screen, you’ll have two options.

o   Option #1 will create a shortcut for you on your desktop. You can either leave that shortcut there or move it somewhere else.

o   Option #2 will have Pidgin load up when you log in to your computer.  [Technical: It doesn’t modify the registry at all.  It only adds a shortcut to the program to your personal Startup folder.]

Click Next.

5.      The next screen will summarize the options you selected.  The files will be copied over to your Documents folder under a new folder called KYOSH.

Click Install when you’re ready to copy the files.

6.      Before it completes, a window will pop up asking that you input a password to use for your login.  Your default username is your email username — the part in front of the

o   It is HIGHLY recommended that you choose a password that you’re not using anywhere else.  At the VERY least, do not use your Windows logon password.

7.      After you enter a password, click the Save button.

8.      Wait a little bit for the process to complete.  It shouldn’t take too long.

9.      If you receive the “success” window, YOU’RE DONE!  The Pidgin chat program should automatically start.

10.  On first run, the taskbar icon  will be hidden behind the arrow down by the Windows clock. 

11.  To show the icon whenever the app is running, click the arrow, click-and-drag the icon to the other icons, and release it.